Oslo Renewable Energy and Environment Cluster

Organisation and structure
The legal status of OREEC is a Member Association. The Board comprises 8 members elected by the Annual Member Assembly.

The secretariat is hosted by Kunnskapsbyen Lillestrøm (Lillestrøm Centre of Expertise)

Members cover: Renewable energy producers, the supply industry, research institutions, universities and educational institutions, financial institutions and consultants in the greater Oslo area.

Activities and focus areas
OREEC’s objectives are to increase the capabilities of suppliers to the future low emission society:

  • Increase the pace of innovation
  • Exploit business opportunities
  • Increase value creation

Main activities:

  • Matchmaking; CleanTuesday, informal meeting place one Tuesday every month. Annual conference: Oslo Renewable Energy Day
  • Innovation and business development; OREEC Innovation Award. Lighthouse projects
  • International Cooperation; International Cleantech Network. The EU funded project Coolsweep
  • Educational Initiatives; Programmes on all levels between primary school and university

OREEC has activities within most areas of renewable energy end environment technology, however with main focus on energy recovery from waste (incl. treatment of by-products), hydrogen (fuel cell technology) and urban energy solutions.

Strongholds within Waste to energy
Within energy recovery OREEC has world leading companies within anaerobic digestion technology and WtE plant operation plus Norway‟s leading university and research organisation within these fields.

OREEC is studying potential spin-off activities from an advanced biogas plant built by Oslo Municipality Waste-to-Energy Agency, based on locally developed world leading technology for energy recovery from organic waste.

Potential spin-off activities from the plant include:

  • Educational initiatives at all levels from primary school to PhD studies
  • Research for further process improvements
  • Innovative use of residues and by-products
  • Development of WtE tourism based on general interest for the basic technology among the public

What does OREEC hope to gain from the Coolsweep project?
Identification of joint Research and Innovation projects with other project partners.

  • Mobilisation of own cluster stakeholders to utilize ICN and the project activities to find cooperation partners in the other clusters involved
  • Helping local government to define good polices and best practices for WtE
  • Stimulating local and national funding agencies and venture capitalists to increased focus upon WtE technologies and innovation potential
  • Increasing public awareness for the energy potential in waste



Contact OREEC

Marianne List-Reime

Marianne Rist-Larsen Reime
E-mail: marianne@kunnskapsbyen.no
Phone: +47-917 21 176