LE2C: Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster

Organisation and structure
Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster (LE2C) is built upon the triple-helix model. This allows for more than 100 small and medium sized companies , 8 universities and research centers, 10 organizations of the public sector as well as not-for-profit bodies and industrial associations to represent the energy industry through one single platform – Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster.

This collaboration brings together a number of different actors in the task of creating an extended laboratory in which research, innovation and training projects can be developed for both actual and future technical expertise, to be captured and consolidated in the Lombardy Energy Cluster network.

LE2C has obtained the Gold Label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative, as the first Italian cluster. The Gold Label is awarded by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA) to clusters striving for excellence in the EU.

The cluster comprises members belonging to one or more fields of production, also referred to as ‘souls’, namely: Medium large conventional utility Power Plants; Nuclear Power Plants; Renewable Energy; Hydraulic and geothermal power plants; transmission and distribution; and actual and future technologies.

Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster works closely together with supply chain representatives from all souls. More than 80 enterprises operates in the renewable energy sector: biomass, waste to energy, biogas, geothermal, solar photovoltaic and thermodynamic.

Activities and focus areas
The mission of the Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster is to support member companies in becoming more competitive by operating in the market with a wide portfolio; putting to use the support of academic institutions; involving R&D institutions and satisfying customers’ needs by:

  • Operating as a network to reinforce and develop the member companies through growth of product quality and continuous improvement of human resources
  • Promoting international visibility, market knowledge, competencies and ability to operate on international markets
  • Consolidating the excellence in power generation, transmission and distribution business by increasing synergies among all institutions and companies in the region and realizing worldwide cooperation with other cluster organizations.

The development of Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster is arranged along five strategic lines:

  • Added value integration
  • Internationalization
  • Facilitation
  • Matching
  • Lobbying

Internationalization is highly stressed in Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster. Apart from joining the International Cleantech Network, Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster promoted a range of other strategies to enhance international collaboration in 2010. The main focus so far has been on U.S.-Canada and Russia, and Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster has arranged to meet with relevant actors in these regions.

Moreover, Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster aims at getting involved in a number of European business projects.

Strongholds within waste to energy
The Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster stronghold is biomass and waste to energy: the cluster counts 82 out of 97 companies on renewable energy field, among which 62 work in the biomass field.

Additionally most famous and recognized EPCs for the construction of boiler, turbine, b.o.p,  treatment and distribution are involved in the association.

For this reason we are considered the main regional point of reference for the biomass and waste to energy.

This high concentration of biomass/waste to energy’s companies in the cluster drives the organization on developing activities focused on this sector.

In particular, one of the cluster’s successful initiative relies on the capacity of its member companies to supply a complete waste to energy and biomass turnkey power plant. This is an innovative offer as it promotes in a joint way our best regional technologies, products and services, which are distinguished for their quality and excellence.

LE2C biomass/waste to energy power plants have been presented to several foreign investors in the frame of important international expositions (Serbia, Ukraine, France, Singapore, Russia).

What does LE2C hope to gain from the Coolsweep project?
Create new business opportunities for our associated enterprises in the international market, by creating synergies and international cooperation with other companies so to achieve the highest quality on products and services.

Operate in network with other Clusters in order to minimize communication barriers and management activities, reduce cost across the supply chain and finally increase the value and competitiveness of the finished product.

Make our enterprises a first class actor in the Europe 2020 strategy, by involving them in R&D projects having a strong focus on research to market activities.


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Melissa Nava
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