Organisation and structure
ECO WORLD STYRIA focuses on a research-industry-government cooperation model to take eco-innovation to a higher level.

Styrian companies in “The World’s Green Tech Valley” are already international technology and market leaders in the areas of energy and environmental engineering. In order to strengthen and develop this position, ECO WORLD STYRIA supports the companies and the location Styria with basic services and projects with strategic levers along the growth drivers innovation, know-how, and new markets.

ECO WORLD STYRIA and its strategic partners secure sustainable growth for the cluster clients through the entire value chain in the areas of biomass, solar energy, material flow management, waste and water.

Activities and focus areas
The companies of ECO WORLD STYRIA are already world-class companies in the areas of renewable energy and environmental engineering.

The mission until 2015 is to increase the high concentration of successful companies in Styria in the focus areas of cleantech.

The targets:

  • E “Employment”: Increase the number of employees in Styrian environmental engineering companies to count 20,000 in 2015.
  • C “Competence”: Double the number of Styrian technology leaders to count 20 in 2015.
  • O “On top”: Increase the number of international presentations in the media and at trade fairs to around 20 per year in 2015.

ECO WORLD STYRIA offers its companies an attractive range of services, including:

  • Participation in the design of the location of the future with new research topics, technological model projects and cooperation with the ECO WORLD STYRIA companies.
  • Strategy support: Consultation on the subjects of national and international markets, technologies and cooperation partners tailored to companies’ needs.
  • Innovation support: Patent analyses for defined areas of technology, innovation potential evaluation, technology and development partner identification and project development.
  • Funding support: Appropriate funding as well as an exclusive funding map and select investors for environmental engineering innovations.
  • Any further services when it comes to the development and industry competence of ECO WORLD STYRIA may be acquired at the cost price.

Strongholds within waste to energy

  • Biomass waste to energy
  • Waste to liquid fuel technologies
  • Biogas strongholds
  • Sorting technologies
  • Waste conditioning technologies
  • Incineration

What does ECO WORLD STYRIA hope to gain from the Coolsweep project?

  • New cluster contacts
  • Widden waste2energy technology know how
  • New partnership agreements between participating cluster companies and research organisations
  • Implementation projects in Styria


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Christian Köberl
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