Danish Business Authority (FORA)

Organisation and structure
FORA is a research, analysis and policy development division of Danish Business Authority under the Danish Ministry of Business and Growth. In close cooperation with the other divisions in the Danish Business Authority and the Ministry of Business and Growth, FORA is responsible for carrying out fact-based analyses on business and innovation and development of policies in this area.

Also, FORA collaborates with a number of research institutions and policy makers, including international organisations such as the OECD, the Nordic Council of Ministers and the European Commission.

Activities and focus areas
The main task of the Danish Business Authority is to contribute is to a responsible and sustainable economic development.

Among the objectives of the Danish Business Authority are:

  • to develop entrepreneurial policy
  • to develop, run and coordinate initiatives aimed at promoting growth conditions for enterprises and entrepreneurs
  • to develop and implement policies for creative and innovative businesses
  • to develop and implement policies aimed at promoting responsible and sustainable economic development

Strongholds within waste to energy
FORA has extensive experience in analysing cluster dynamics, performance and cluster-specific framework conditions. FORA has built a strong knowledge base in cluster creation and cluster policy. The results cover among other things a cluster benchmark model, a systematic mapping of business clusters in the Baltic Sea Region and a model for measuring framework conditions. Our approach is to use a mix and qualitative and quantitative methods.

FORA’s core competencies include analyzing clusters in environmental technology and mapping strongholds in the area of business-oriented environment policy that supports environmental-technology companies.

FORA has also worked extensively with development and implementation of policies on green innovation and green business development.

What does FORA hope to gain from the Coolsweep project?
Through the Coolsweep project, FORA seeks to strengthen its knowledge base and methodologies  further in the field of environmental technology, allowing FORA to continue to have significant impact on business and innovation policies of the future.


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Contact FORA

Andreas Graversen

Andreas Graversen
Chief Advisor and Team leader
E-mail: andgra@erst.dk
Phone: +45 3529 1204