CLEAN Cluster

Organisation and structure
CLEAN is a non-profit association working with a wide range of partners and members who take active part in making Denmark a world-leading cleantech cluster.

Activities and focus areas

Our activities are two-fold:

  1. We develop new strategic initiatives that translate into business opportunities for our members. Our innovation platforms facilitate new and innovative solutions that address some of the important environmental challenges in our society, and our projects and networks enable us to develop and scale new solutions locally and bring Danish solutions to the world market.
  2. Our partners provide a range of services free-of-charge that address concrete demands identified by Danish stakeholders. The services are concentrated around four categories: Test & Demonstration, International Branding & Marketing, Matchmaking and Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

CCC services include:

Test & Demonstration
State-of-the-art test & demonstration facilities are key to future growth. CLEAN assists in mapping existing test & demonstration facilities and establishing new ones, small-scale as well as full-scale.

International Branding & Marketing
CLEAN is part of the International Cleantech Network (ICN), providing a strong global outreach in collaboration with leading cluster organisations around the world. Through CLEAN you can showcase and promote products, services and research, access new markets and build lasting international partnerships.

Matchmaking & Sector Networks
Introducing you to relevant people and projects is a cornerstone in CLEAN’s. You get an overview of who-is-who in the Danish cleantech sector, invitations to matchmaking events, improved knowledge-sharing and access to sector-specific networks.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship
CLEAN helps start-ups, universities and visionary companies to realize their full potential and advance new business ventures.
Strongholds within waste to energy

What does CLEAN hope to gain from the Coolsweep project?
Waste-to-energy and waste management in general is an important topic for CLEAN. We are working on important national initiatives, e.g. about utilizing plastics from household waste, optimizing resource flow in construction industry etc., and through COOLSWEEP we wish to add an international dimension to these initiatives.

CLEAN will use COOLSWEEP actively as a framework to assist our national stakeholders in internationalizing, and also to invite foreign companies to be part of our work.



CLEAN Cluster

Jonas Mortensen
Project Development Manager
Phone: +45 31 69 48 19