Sustainable Event

Sustainable solutions at this conference

As the organizer of the conference, we have decided to plan this event as sustainable as possible.Here you will find some of the things we have achieved.


We will encourage guests to sleep at certified green hotels or to stay in hotels near the venue. We made an agreement with Hotel Axel Guldsmeden and AC Hotel Bella Sky.

Hotel Guldsmeden


The Guldsmeden Hotels are Green Globe certified, which is one of the most exacting certifications available to the hospitality sector. Green Globe´s 360-degree sustainability management system ensures our very best efforts in every aspect of the daily operations of our hotels. Green Globe audits its members once a year, and demand a 5% improvement on a given area. This ensures our continued commitment to keeping it green. Read more about Green Globe on!

The Ø-label is regulated by the Danish Ministry of Food & Agriculture, and the golden Ø is only given to restaurants with a percentage above 90 in regards to organic produce.
They are audited by a representative from the ministry 3 times per year, and their most recent score was 98,6% organic! General thoughts on sustainable operations. The harder it is to achieve, the easier it is to maintain. This has been their experience. Being subjected to scrutiny that leaves no stone unturned, means that they are now at liberty to focus on their good atmosphere and hostmanship, and not worry about whether they have been through enough in their sustainability efforts.
All Guldsmeden Hotels have achieved the official Golden Ø label, signifying above 90% organic food.

Det okologiske Spisemaerke

AC Hotel Bella Sky

We have chosen this hotel, which are located close to the venue, to avoid extra transportation.

The food and drinks

We have carefully planned the food and beverage we serve at the conference, so that it will be certificated in one or more of the following standards:

  • Fairtrade - Fairtrade creating economic, social and green sustainability. Farmers must meet a number of requirements in relation to social and environmental sustainability to be part of Fairtrade.
  • MSC - MSC ‘s requirements for certified fisheries can be grouped into three basic principles: • The stock of fish should not be overfished and has just been near being so, it must be proven on the rise. • Fishing may not damage the ecosystem or the marine environment. • The fisheries shall be managed effectively so that sustainability and ecosystem ensured.
  • Tap water instead of bottles -We don’t use plastic bottles, as it takes up to three liters of water to produce one liter of bottled water.
  • Ecological - The red Ø label with the text ” Statskontrolleret økologisk” explains that it is the Danish authorities have inspected the farm or the company that was processed, packaged or labeled an organic product
  • Local farmed vegetables – To support local producers and their businesses
  • Fruit and vegetables are seasonal fruits - To safe some C02 by not transporting vegetables  from others counties far away
  • Food waste strategy at the venue – To reduce or reuse the food we develop a strategy
  • The coffee and tea – All will be ecological produced

Fair Trade Logo - Click to return to homepage    Billede    Billede

The Venue – Rambøll

CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITYFor many years hasRambøllassumed responsibility that matches their role as an international knowledge enterprisecompany.With the accession of the UN Global Compact, they are committed to continuously implementingthe Global Compact 10 principles intheircompany.Rambøllsresponsibility towards employee, customers, shareholders and others business partners. But it also means that, they strive to secure, that their services contribute to a sustainabledevelopment, thatwill benefitspeople and society around the world.

FNs Global Compact

Rambøll joined the UN Global Compact in January 2007. This was a natural extension of our values, our commitment to providing sustainable solutions for people and society and the growing need for common Corporate Responsibility (CR) goals and procedures within Rambøll.

UN Global Compact is the world’s largest initiative for corporate social responsibility. Global Compact provides guidance on how companies can contribute to the solution of social and environmental challenges of globalization.

By joining the UN Global Compact, we commit ourselves as a company to adjust our operations and strategies to ten principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.

It gives us the opportunity to adopt an established and globally recognized policy framework for, so we can develop, implement and provide governance policies and practices for the benefit of environmental, social and community.

Ranbølls canteen have achieved the official bronze Ø label, signifying above 60% organic food.

UN Global Compact



We encourage the participants to travel green or pay CO2 compensation for flight tickets.

We recommend car sharing via Read more and sign up here.

We have chosen a venue close to public transportation, and encourage the participants to use public transportation.

Buses for site visits

The buses run with Ad Blue, and most of the companies buses have been replace for new and more environmentally friendly buses as lower fuel consumption. Ad is a liquid, which is used for newer diesel engines to reduce emissions of NOx. It consists among other things of animal urine, which also save and reuse in the environment.

Read more here.

The paper

We have printed all handouts on recycled paper and when the conference is finished, we collect all left over papers and recycle it.

All nametags will be collected and reused for other events.

Roll ups are printed on recycled paper or bamboo and will be reused.

Paper and printed materials will be certificate Svanen, or other ecofriendly, and recycled.

Pens will be ecofriendly.

     Read more here



Decorative elements will be sustainable deco, such as:

Candles will be made of soya or LED, so we minimize the polution.

Kindergarten makes decoration out of garbage, so they improve their knowledge about recycling and the amount of garbage from household.

Flowers are not cut but with earth around, so they can be replanted.


Event app

We have used an it system for b-2-b meetings, program, statistics, networking, to avoid paper and printing.


Speaker presents will be ecological and/or from a company with a high CSR profile

Waste will be collected for recycle at the venue

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