Site visits

On the 22nd of October, the conference participants will have the chance to join one of three site visit tours.

Participation is free but remember to sign up for it, in order to get a seat in the busses. There are a maksimum of 40 persons each tour. There will be pick up from Rambøll.

Under each theme, you can read more detailed about the tours.


Site visit A:

Theme: Waste-to-Energy
Visit Amager Resource Center’s  Waste-to-Energy facility in the heart of Copenhagen and get an introduction to the state-of-the-art “Amager Hill”, which is currently under construction at the same site. Also, get a unique tour of the REnescience facility, which uses an enzymatic hydrolysis process to sort and recycle mixed MSW.
Programme Site visit A


 Waste crane

Site visit B:

Theme: BioEnergy
Visit the largest waste water treatment plant Lynetten in the Greater Copenhagen Area, which is owned by 15 municipalities and run by the company BIOFOS. Furthermore, get inspired by the food waste recycling scheme developed by BioTrans Nordic as well as the biogas solutions developed by the company Xergi.
Programme Site visit B

Site visit C:

Theme: Waste as a resource
Visit the House of Green in the heart of Copenhagen and get an introduction to the new national resource strategy by the Danish Ministry of the Environment. Furthermore, visit AffaldPlus which is the joint municipal waste company covering the Southern and Western part of Zealand, and get the chance to discuss best practice recycling.
Programme Site visit C



Want to know more about the site visits or change from one tour to another? – Please contact the organisers.